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SAS needs volunteers for committees and the Board. Please help. Click for opportunities.

Upcoming Meeting

June 13, 2024 Zoom Meeting

Patch Birding
Kimberlie Moutoux

Kimberlie Moutoux

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SAS Name Change

Sequoia Audubon Society is a community of birders and naturalists coming together to enjoy birds and wildlife, conserve their habitat, and educate the public. We are dedicated to being a community that welcomes everyone who enjoys birds and their natural ecosystems and working for their conservation.

We are currently investigating our current name, Sequoia Audubon Society, to see if it best matches our current goals, mission, and values.

We are asking that our members and community provide us feedback to help us as we consider our name.

Please fill out this form to help guide the board's decision.

Survey closes April 24. 2024.

Thank you, Sequoia Audubon Review  of Organization's Name Committee

Additional Information

Sequoia Audubon Field Trips

Note: Registration is required for every field trip. There are also new protocols that must be followed. A brief description is on the field trip page.

We also encourage participation in the iNaturalist project "Meet your nature neighbors"

Find a Bird in Distress?

If at all possible please leave a baby bird where it is because the adults will usually continue to feed and care for it.

To report a bird in distress please contact the Peninsula Humane Society Wildlife Rescue,
first call 650-340-7022, if directed take it to their center at 1450 Rollins Rd, Burlingame


Radio Road birds

Photo by Donna Pomeroy

Is a Drone disturbing Wildlife?

What you can do if you see a drone disturbing wildlife:

  • Contact your local police non-emergency number.
  • Contact Department of Fish and Game by using the CalTIP program
  • Get the license plate number of the drone pilot's vehicle.
  • Obtain a photo or video of the pilot using the drone in a manner, which is disturbing the birds. However, do not put yourself in danger while doing this. Do not confront the pilot.


Have you tried our Birding Guide?



 Save The Date poster - Sunday Oct 6


Foster City Canada Goose Mitigation Plan

The Sequoia Audubon Society Board of Directors is aware of the plans by Foster City to reduce the population of Canada geese in the City's parks, open spaces, and waterways by obtaining a permit to allow culling up to 100 geese by lethal means. The Board's position is that lethal means should not be implemented until non-lethal means have been fully utilized and given time to work. We recognize that the impacts of excessive numbers of Canada geese are significant and action is warranted. However, measures such as habitat modification, hazing, and addling of eggs have been proven effective with proper resources.

The Board's position was provided in a public comment session during a meeting of the City Council considering whether to continue pursuit of applications for the permits needed for lethal action. Unfortunately, the City Council voted to continue with the application process. That may not be the end of the opportunity to express opposition to the lethal measures. If the permits are issued, Foster City will still need to enter into an agreement with a specialized contractor to carry out the culling. This may present a fresh opportunity for the community to let its opposition to the lethal measures be known. We urge anyone interested in the subject to monitor the Foster City website for the latest information.


New Photo Resource

Birds of San Mateo County on iNaturalist

Donna Pomeroy has assembled a remarkable resource for birders - a photographic guide to the 240 most common bird species in San Mateo County! Here's the link (it's on iNaturalist).

Volunteers Wanted!

If you are interested in helping to shape the future of Sequoia Audubon Society please consider joining the Board. While all members' ideas are welcome and encouraged, participating as a Board or Committee Member increases the opportunity to get involved in the "nuts & bolts" of the chapter.

We have several open positions at this time, as shown below. Please have a look and let us know if you (or anyone you know!) are interested by contacting Sequoia Audubon at: (650) 529-1454 or

Open positions include:

  • Program Committee: Help arrange speakers for the monthly meetings.
  • See the Volunteer Page for other opportunities to help Sequoia Audubon Society
For more information about these open positions, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Learn Bird Sounds and Benefit
Sequoia Audubon Society!

Ever wish you knew how to identify birds by ear? It's one of the most essential birding skills, but one of the hardest to learn. Some folks from Seattle's Audubon chapter set out to make learning bird sounds truly accessible to everyone.

The result is Larkwire: a game-based learning system that uses cognitive techniques to make it easier to learn and remember bird sounds. Combining quiz games, an extensive sound library, and tips from renowned birdsong expert Michael O'Brien, Larkwire makes the learning process not only much easier but fun. Customizable levels from beginner to advanced invite both the backyard birder and the serious student to play and learn.

The company behind Larkwire is a social venture whose mission is not only to teach birdsong; a minimum of ten percent of all proceeds go to support conservation.

Sequoia Audubon Society has joined their affiliate program; enter our code when you purchase and we'll receive 20% of the purchase price! Our code: SEQAUD

Larkwire is now available as a native app
in the Apple App Store.

Learn bird sounds with Larkwire.
It's a great tool and your purchase supports Sequoia Audubon Society!

Sequoia Audubon Society protects native birds and other wildlife and their ecosystems in San Mateo County by engaging people of all ages in conservation, education, advocacy and enjoyment.

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