Sequoia Audubon Society
                              San Mateo County, California

Field Trip Report

Redwood Shores
Saturday, April 2, 2011, 8:30-noon

This morning's Sequoia Audubon bird walk in Redwood Shores, led by Sonny Mencher, was surprisingly productive with 50 species found in about 4 hours.

We started in the parking behind the office buildings, crossed over the channel and headed to Gossamer Lane, crossed Canvasback and headed up to the Bay Trail berm Then stopped at each of the observation platforms as we came back on Seabrook to the ponds. Highlights included a Peregrine Falcon flying in from the west and landing on a power pole near Whisperwave.

From the berm at the Baytrail looking over the flooded area behind the Redwood Shores Elementary School there were close to 50 Egrets, if not more. Mainly Snowy with a few Great. We had two Green Herons along Gossamer and another in the pond between Shearwater and Whisperwave - part of our 5 Heron/Egret day.  In the various channels we had Black-bellied plovers, also Greater Yellowlegs and Ruddy Ducks in breeding plumage. Near the radio towers Killdeer and male/female Northern Harriers.

Back at the Radio Road, along the berm between the ponds a Blue winged Teal, and with the help of Ron and Leonie a Cattle Egret and Eurasian Wigeon. In the area behind the dog park parking lot an American Pipit.

  1 American Crow
  2 White Crowned Sparrow
  3 Brewer's Blackbird
  4 Anna's Hummingbird
  5 Yellow-rumped Warbler
  6 Green Heron
  7 Pied-billed Grebe
  8 Mallard
  9 Black Phoebe
10 Bushtit
11 Greater Scaup
12 American Coot
13 Mocking Bird
14 Mourning Dove
15 American Wigeon
16 Snowy Egret
17 Black-necked Stilt
18 Northern Shoveler
19 Northern Pintail
20 Western Grebe
21 Great Blue Heron
22 House Finch
23 Canada Goose
24 Peregrine Falcon
25 Forster's Tern
26 Willet
27 Great Egret
28 American Avocet
29 Ruddy Duck
30 Black-bellied Plover
31 Starling
32 Northern Harrier
33 Song Sparrow
34 Barn Swallow
35 Kildeer
36 Western Sandpiper
37 Golden-crowned Sparrow
38 Turkey Vulture
39 Red-tailed Hawk
40 Greater Yellowlegs
41 Green-winged Teal
42 Marbled Godwit
43 Red-winged Blackbird
44 Black-crowned Night Heron
45 Tree Swallow
46 Blue-winged Teal
47 American Pipit
48 Eurasian Wigeon
49 Cattle Egret
50 Gull Sp(s)

— Sonny Mencher

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