Sequoia Audubon Society
                              San Mateo County, California

Field Trip Report

Hayward Shoreline Friday Walk
Friday, February 13, 2009

Leaders Marilyn Nasatir and Inge Svoboda

Perfect timing between rain storms for this half day walk at Hayward Shoreline Park. We had a wonderful almost rain free walk. The morning was sunny with great views around the bay. We could even see the tops of towers of the Golden Gate Bridge through the buildings of the city of San Francisco. Lots of ducks and shorebirds. Had good scope looks at a couple of Peregrine falcons having a nice breakfast snack on the ground. Only on our walk back to the cars did it start to rain (pour.)

1 double crested cormorant
2 snowy egret
3 great egret
4 great blue heron
5 flamingo (Ha ha!! wishful thinking!)
5 Canada goose
6 mallard
7 gadwall
8 green-winged teal
9 American widgeon
10 northern shoveler
11 ruddy duck
12 canvasback
13 greater scaup
14 common goldeneye
15 bufflehead
16 American avocet
17 whimbrel
18 long-billed curlew
19 greater yellowlegs
20 dowitcher (don't know which one)
21 dunlin
22 western sandpiper
23 least sandpiper
24 ring-billed gull
25 western gull
26 glaucous winged gull
27 forster's tern
28 turkey vulture
29 red-tailed hawk
30 American kestrel
31 peregrine falcon
32 marsh wren (heard only)
33 savannah sparrow
34 song sparrow
35 white crowned sparrow
36 golden crowned sparrow
37 house finch
38 European starling

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