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Field Trip Report

Photo courtesy Sonny Mencher

Redwood Shores Bird Walk
Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sonny Mencher

Wonderful day today- Birding along Belmont Slough behind the Redwood Shores Library.

Great weather and group of birders - Well worth missing start of some football game.

I was pleasantly surprised at number of people attending.

Approximately 15-17 adults and about 8-10 young kids.

As usual we started with a short slide show - expected birds and a few "possibilities" - although not likely

I went to my car to get scope, our pack of loaner binoculars and the bird ID cards.

Here Robin Smith took one group and Melissa Hero the rest out to the trail to wait for me.

First bird Robin and her group saw was the Gadwall x Shoveler hybrid

At about the same time Melissa sets up her scope and finds a Eurasian WIgeon
Both of my "possibilities-but not likely" within the first minute - Before I got back WOW.

Then Avocets - in basic and breeding plumage - mentioned as probably

Rest of list:

American Wigeon
Greater Scaups
Great and Snowy Egrets
Northern Pintail
Variety of gulls
Least Sandpipers
Greater Yellowlegs
Northern Shoveler
Black Necked Stilts
Ruddy Ducks
Green Winged Teals
Canada Goose
Long billed Curlew
Clarks Grebe

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