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November 11, 2021

Bay Area Ridge Trail: 400 Miles of Nature Nearby
Simone Nageon de LeStang, Trail Planner

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Heath PackardOver 30 years after its inception, the Bay Area Ridge Trail is now close to 400 miles of dedicated trail, open to the public and ready to explore. Join the Ridge Trail for a discussion of the history and future of this regional, multi-use trail network, as they work with land managers around the Bay to close the remaining gaps and promote responsible recreation. We will get a broad overview of the trail system and hear about some favorite spots, especially in and around San Mateo County. Simone Nageon de LeStang, a staff Trail Planner will also share recent and current projects to connect the trail, in collaboration with regional partners like Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.


Simone brings experience in trail planning, project management and grants and started her career working in habitat restoration, environmental education, and guiding outdoor excursions. From the Everglades, she had her first outdoor jobs in python catching and diving for sponge restoration in the Florida Keys.



December 9, 2021

Birds and Wildlife of the Western Pacific
Joe Morlan

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Heath PackardJoe Morlan will present photos and discuss the birds and wildlife seen on a 2019 cruise in the Western Pacific starting in Tokyo, Japan and ending in Sydney, Australia. This presentation will include the remote islands of Okinawa, Saipan, Papua New Guinea, Guadalcanal, and New Caledonia. Highlights will include White Tern, Long-tailed Triller, Mariana Fruit-Dove, Moustached Treeswift, New Caledonia Imperial-Pigeon, Midget Flowerpecker, and the mysterious Kagu. Please join us for what promises to be an educational and entertaining presentation.

Joe Morlan taught Field Ornithology at City College in San Francisco for forty years. He was awarded the American Birding Association's Ludlow Griscom Award for outstanding contributions to regional ornithology in 2010 and served on the California Bird Records Committee for thirty years, most recently as Chair.


Reminder: there are no meetings/programs in July and August. 

Session Recordings:

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting October 14, 2021
A Message of Hope
Heath Packard, Island Conservation

Meeting Recording Access Passcode: +&d8@ucD

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting Septermber 9, 2021
Encouraging Birders: Expanding What It Means to Be a Twenty-first Century Birder
A Multi-generational Discussion
with Ted, Hannah, and Andrew Floyd
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: wBG?yyA7

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting June 10, 2021
Hummingbirds: Small Wonders
with Sheri Williamson
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: ^=L%0sMh

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting May 13, 2021
Community Science: Long-Term Lessons:
Perspectives from Three Years of Mushroom Monitoring in the Santa Cruz Mountains
with Christian Schwarz
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: yu7^@p9r

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting April 8, 2021
Gender Equity and Public Access on the California Coast
Sabrina Brennan, former San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: 4&Ut2&jt

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting March 11, 2021
Avian Wonders of Morocco with John Sterling
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: gz?109?. (include the period)

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting February 11, 2021
The Remarkable Story of Sam McDonald
Katherine Wright, San Mateo County Park Ranger
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: $E^8t26S

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting January 14, 2021
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird - Mary Ellen Hannibal
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: GMLg$3C%

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting December 10, 2020
"Skunks & their Role in California Habitats" with Jen Hunter
Meeting Recording

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting November 12, 2020
Curiosity & Connection Through a Decade of Birding with Ioana Seritan
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: +u4ux1da

Sequoia Audubon Society Presentation October 8, 2020
"Cape to Cape Birding" with Joe Morlan
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: $6O222A@

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting September 10, 2020
Taxonomic Puzzles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: sY.Xr52e

"Audubon's Climate Change Strategies" on May 14, 2020
with Juan Pablo Galván
Unedited recording of meeting. Meeting begins at 1:27; Program begins around 28:30

"The California Center for Natural History"
with Damon Tighe on April 9, 2020
Unedited recording of Damon Tighe's presentation and subsequent Q&A session.

note The programs for additional meetings will be posted when available. (Topics subject to change.)

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