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2022 Meeting Programs

Meetings may be hybrid (both in person and online via Zoom) or Zoom Only. More Info.

NOTE: There may be "last minute" changes beyond our control. Thanks for understanding.

January 13th - Zoom meeting

Birds of Protected Lands – POST's enrichment of Bay Area avifauna
Diane and Peter Hart

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Peter and Diane HartDiane and Peter Hart are adult-onset birders who slouched into birding and bird photography while winding down their professional careers. Diane as an educator and author of 20 textbooks, Peter as an Artificial Intelligence and robotics pioneer, founded or led half a dozen companies and international research centers. They have complemented their field time with volunteer service to the word of birds, Diane as past president of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, and Peter as a Board member of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

In the Summer of 2020, as the full scope and impact of COVID became apparent, Diane had the bright idea of using the enforced isolation and separation from others as an opportunity to start a new bird photography project. Her concept was to create a photographic record of the avifauna found on lands protected by POST, the Peninsula Open Space Trust.

Working as a team, they have photographed birds on more than 50 POST-protected locations and created the photo gallery Birds of Protected Lands. The gallery currently holds nearly 2,000 photos representing 196 species from 49 avian families. The photos are organized taxonomically by family and species, as you would find in any field guide.

Our talk will present the best-of-the-best of these photos, organized not taxonomically but as you would find species if you visited the many distinct habitats that POST has protected.

February 10th - Zoom meeting

Laura's Best Bird EVER! I went looking for birds and found joy, love, redemption, and more.
Laura Erickson

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Laura Erickson and ArchimedesContributing editor and columnist for BirdWatching magazine Laura Erickson produces the long-running "For the Birds" radio program and iTunes podcast. She has received many awards, including the 2014 recipient of the American Birding Association's prestigious Roger Tory Peterson Award and the 2020 Minnesota Ornithologists' Union's Thomas Sadler Roberts Memorial Award.

As an engaging storyteller, Laura's presentation promises to be mesmerizing. Her website.


March 10th - Zoom meeting

Holly Merker

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Holly MerkerHolly Merker has a background in art therapy but today employs birds and nature toward the same goals of wellbeing in her work as an environmental educator and birding guide. She's passionate about connecting young people to birds; she co-founded the Frontiers in Ornithology Symposium and has facilitated young birder groups and teen birding camps. As lead author of the book Orintherapy: For Your Body, Mind, and Soul (along with co-authors Richard Crossley and Sophie Crossley, Crossley Books 2021), she is promoting the practice of Orintherapy, providing workshops and programs across the US.

Learn why getting your daily dose of Ornitherapy is not only fun but good for you! Come listen to how watching birds can bring you more than just enjoyment. Within her program, we'll delve into our connections to birds, how to practice Ornitherapy for optimal benefits, and learn about the latest research in the power of nature for overall wellbeing.

Orintherapy book cover

Reminder: there are no meetings/programs in July and August. 

Session Recordings:

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting December 9, 2021
Birds & Wildlife of the Western Pacific
with Joe Morlan

Meeting Recording Access Passcode: dF7gbu%!

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting October 14, 2021
A Message of Hope
Heath Packard, Island Conservation

Meeting Recording Access Passcode: +&d8@ucD

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting Septermber 9, 2021
Encouraging Birders: Expanding What It Means to Be a Twenty-first Century Birder
A Multi-generational Discussion
with Ted, Hannah, and Andrew Floyd
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: wBG?yyA7

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting June 10, 2021
Hummingbirds: Small Wonders
with Sheri Williamson
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: ^=L%0sMh

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting May 13, 2021
Community Science: Long-Term Lessons:
Perspectives from Three Years of Mushroom Monitoring in the Santa Cruz Mountains
with Christian Schwarz
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: yu7^@p9r

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting April 8, 2021
Gender Equity and Public Access on the California Coast
Sabrina Brennan, former San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: 4&Ut2&jt

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting March 11, 2021
Avian Wonders of Morocco with John Sterling
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: gz?109?. (include the period)

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting February 11, 2021
The Remarkable Story of Sam McDonald
Katherine Wright, San Mateo County Park Ranger
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: $E^8t26S

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting January 14, 2021
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird - Mary Ellen Hannibal
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: GMLg$3C%

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting December 10, 2020
"Skunks & their Role in California Habitats" with Jen Hunter
Meeting Recording

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting November 12, 2020
Curiosity & Connection Through a Decade of Birding with Ioana Seritan
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: +u4ux1da

Sequoia Audubon Society Presentation October 8, 2020
"Cape to Cape Birding" with Joe Morlan
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: $6O222A@

Sequoia Audubon Society Monthly Meeting September 10, 2020
Taxonomic Puzzles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Meeting Recording Access Passcode: sY.Xr52e

"Audubon's Climate Change Strategies" on May 14, 2020
with Juan Pablo Galván
Unedited recording of meeting. Meeting begins at 1:27; Program begins around 28:30

"The California Center for Natural History"
with Damon Tighe on April 9, 2020
Unedited recording of Damon Tighe's presentation and subsequent Q&A session.

note The programs for additional meetings will be posted when available. (Topics subject to change.)

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