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May 13, 2021

Community Science: Long-Term Lessons: Perspectives from Three Years of Mushroom Monitoring in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Christian Schwartz, Research Associate at the Norris Center for Natural History (UCSC) and the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast

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Mushroom hunters enjoy travelling far and wide, bouncing from place to place and following the rains to stay with the season. But what happens when we focus on revisiting the same small areas whether there has been rain or not? And what if one takes it a step further, and rather than just harvesting chanterelles or photographing the flashiest species, takes the time to pay attention to everything, counting individual fruitbodies and keeping track of changes from year to year? Christian has been undertaking just such an effort for the past three years, supported by a grant from the Save the Redwoods League – and this year, some of his survey transects were burned in the CZU Fire. Join us to hear what discoveries, lessons, and patterns have emerged from this ambitious project.

Christian SwartzChristian Schwarz studied Ecology and Evolution at UC Santa Cruz, where his interest in the world of fungi became irrevocable – their seemingly endless forms (from the grotesque to the bizarre to the sublime) feed his curiosity. He spends his time seeking, photographing, collecting, teaching about, and publishing research on the macrofungi of California and Arizona. His work is currently focused on assembling a mycoflora for the California Channel Islands. At large, he works primarily on the taxonomy of macrofungi, as well as documenting patterns of phenology and biogeography through long-term monitoring efforts. He is passionate about biodiversity in general, and in community science (especially iNaturalist!).

June 10, 2021

Hummingbirds: Small Wonders
Sheri Williamson, Director and Naturalist of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory and co-manager of Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary

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Tiny they may be, but hummingbirds know how to live large. Dazzling colors, fearless personalities, voracious appetites, continent-spanning migrations, "singing" feathers, and sometimes scandalous personal lives are just a few of the qualities that have earned these miniature marvels a devoted following far beyond the birding community. Yet as adaptable as they are, hummingbirds are vulnerable to many of the same environmental crises as other migratory birds, including loss of habitat and food resources, pollution, and the effects of climate change. The good news is that almost anyone in North American can help build a brighter future for hummingbirds with just a few simple actions. This presentation will include a sneak peek at the forthcoming revised edition of her book in the Peterson Field Guides series, Hummingbirds of North America.

Sheri WilliamsonSheri L. Williamson is a lifelong naturalist, birder, and conservationist known internationally for her hummingbird research. After more than 20 years of general birding and hawk-watching, Sheri's life got hijacked by hummingbirds when she and her husband and colleague Tom Wood moved to Arizona to manage The Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve. A quarter century later, Sheri is till obsessed with these rainbow-hued warriors, feeding them year round, maintaining a hummingbird garden, writing about them in her blog, and banding hundreds of them each year. She currently serves as Director/Naturalist of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory and co-manager of Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary.

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