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Sequoia Audubon Society’s
Big Sit! Birdathon Pledge Drive
Held Annually

Report for 2014

The annual Big Sit competition was held October 12, 2014

Our SASsySeawatchers team finished tied for 8th place in total species seen.

Here's a rundown of the top 10:  

  1. Cape May Point, New Jersey (US) 150.
  2. San Blas (Mexico) 124.
  3. Milford, Connecticut (US) 117.
  4. Weslaco, Texas (US) 107.
  5. Los Osos, California (US) 103.
  6. Seagoville, Texas (US) 98.
  7. Corpus Christi, Texas (US) 91.
  8. Pescadero, California (US) 88.
  8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US) 88.
  9. Canfield, Ohio (US) 82.
10. Fort Washington, Pennsylvania (US) 80.

Though we finished tied for 8th place, we added 10 new species this year that have never been seen before on any previous BIG SIT.  Results were added to the BIrdersDigest website and the eBird database.

As well as adding valuable data to bird science, The Big Sit has also been a successful fundraiser. This year we raised $1930.

Thank you to all who supported this effort.


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